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Testronics 504 AOI

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Testronics 504 AOI | 15 October, 2009

I started a new company that has a Testronics 504 AOI machine. No one knows how to program it, and they can't find the manual. So far I have been able to load a centroid file, and set the board size. However, when i load everything, all my parts are located off the board and i have to manually align them. Once i get that done, i add the parts to the library, but i am unable to change to roi inspection size for each part. So right now, it just looking for a very small area on each component and not the whole component. What am i doing wrong, or not doing? any input will be helpful


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Testronics 504 AOI | 21 October, 2009


Here is the link for Testronics support. They should be able to get you a manual.


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