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MPM AP25 Problems

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MPM AP25 Problems | 9 October, 2009


I've recently started to work with MPM AP25, I began doing maintenance to get to know the machine. But now I'm having some problems in the teaching process.

You can see the problem in the photo.

The representation of the board in the teaching vision screen doesn’t match the real board.

I've selected the targets 1 and 2 in the top of the board and the target 3 in the middle, you can see that they are completely out of place.

If I also select a target on the bottom of the board, it will not be seen in the representation.

The representation matches the real X position, in I click on any position on the representation the gantry system will positions the camera in the exact X board position.

The Y position will always have the same offset and the position will not match.

Does anyone recognise the problem? Can anyone help?

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MPM AP25 Problems | 12 October, 2009

When you teach the fid on the PCB and the camera then changes to stencil image, is it in close physical proximity to the feature/fid you wanted or do you have to move quite a bit?

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MPM AP25 Problems | 13 October, 2009

If you are using a current board program, and then modifying to your new board. It is possible to have the wrong PCB dimension data in for your new PCB. You should review all of you basic information about the pcb, and then go into the fiducial teaching. If you haven't used the New board teach function, give it a try, it steps you thru. It maybe helpful, if you are not that familiar with the MPM's Jim

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MPM AP25 Problems | 15 October, 2009


Thanks for the comments!

The problem is solved, I was browsing this forum and found a topic referring to AP.CAL.

Than I realized that the person that worked with the machine before me, altered this file. The values were all altered but he kept an AP.TMP :)

Now every thing is working.


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