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Quadalign set up

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Quadalign set up | 24 September, 2009

would any body be able to supply me with infomation on how to adjust a quadalign unit,as a unit on my line will not pick up 0603 resistors,but will pick up thicker 0603 caps. My manuals offer no help.I have run the aligner calibration with the cone tool and been told by the software to adjust the pitch and roll bolts.This seemed to have no effect as the error never improved.any help or documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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Quadalign set up | 25 September, 2009

Are you running Q-soft software or is this an older machine running central controller ? Do you have seperate profiles set up for 0603 caps and 0603 resistors or just one profile for all 0603 parts. It sounds to me that you might be scanning to low and missing the 0603 resistor all together.

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Quadalign set up | 25 September, 2009

It is apparently a Q-series machine, if the adjustment for pitch and roll doesn't work. You may have to loosen or remove the quadalign then check the "wavey" washers to ensure they are there and opposing each other (these provide like a spring effect). Reinstall the Quadalign without over tightening it and re perform the calibration. The unit may have been over tightened and you are not getting any movement out of adjusting for pitch and roll.

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Quadalign set up | 28 September, 2009

You are probably scanning below the part. Adjust the scan height closer to 0 ex..(.005) and see if that works. If not....its probably the z-rod and the nozzle not seating on it correctly.

Good luck

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