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QSTATS at HP3070 Series 3

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QSTATS at HP3070 Series 3 | 8 September, 2009

Hi, This is the firstime that I'm working with a HP 3070 Series 3 ICT.

We ran the first assemblies and I would like to know where could I find all the information about this first article run.

Fist of all, I need to know how could I visualize at the ICT machine,and then, how could I export them to a tape.

My HP 3070 has the 5.21 Unix version.

Another contact told me fallow the next steps: -test plan -Sub set_custom_mode -QSTATS_Mode -Set Off.

I was trying like that, but I din't get anything. Even that, I tried that, logged at root and service1 and can not find nothing abour QSTATS

Thank you, very much!

I hope you could help me.

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