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Mydata M12 issue

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Mydata M12 issue | 8 September, 2009

We are seeing intermittent X-transducer errors. I notice that the X-wagon has more resistance over the Y-wagon area when I manually push it back and fourth.

I am thinking the belt might need replaced. Has anyone else seen this before.

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Mydata M12 issue | 3 October, 2009

Do you have the exact code given?

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Mydata M12 issue | 5 October, 2009

We've been having random transducer errors on our TP recently. After speaking with MyData tech support, we were told the answer could be: 1. the transducer(s), 2. something causing undue friction, 3. something undiagonsed yet.

Their recomendation (and I'm not kidding) was to continue to run the machine until something obvious fails. They advised that a lot of time/money could be spent chasing these errors around the machine, and not actually fixing them; while waiting for a catastrophic failure would indicate exactly which components were bad.

I'm not terribly comfortable with this; but, I'm also not comfortable with spending a bunch of money to not truly find the issue. Whenever it happens to us (so far) we've been able to reinitiate the motor controllers, and keep running. For us, thankfully now, if the TP goes down, we've got redundant support with our MY.

cheers ..rob

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Mydata M12 issue | 5 October, 2009

I ended up finding that there were broken chords on the X-belt. I replaced it and all is good.

Rob, Mydata is right. You can indeed end up spending lots of time and money trying to chase a transducer error.

Things I would look at: 1. Lubing the X belt with the OKS grease 2. Replacing the XWB ribbon cables 3. Make sure your black couplers on the vacuum pump are tight. When they get loose they vibrate and can cause feedback into the transducers. 4. Swap MOT cards 5. Inspect the couplers on the large and small x-motors.

Oh....One more important thing....are there cooling fans on the big power booster on the back of the machine ? If not, that is more than likely your problem.

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Mydata M12 issue | 27 October, 2009

I had the same problem back in March with my MY12, since I have two identical lines i swapped things around until swapping the x-wagon motor (the one for fine movements). When I swapped the x-motor I move the problem from one line to the other generating some transducer didn't agree / out of sinc etc... Also when I was moving the head manually I could feel some friction just above the Y-wagon. Long story short 3400$ later and a new Parvex motor things went back to normal operation mode no friction no transducer error what so ever!! FYI : The original motor had 10500hrs when I replaced it! Nonetheless the original motor can be re-furbished as per factory spec by Parvex for a bit less then 1/4 of the retail price.

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Mydata M12 issue | 27 October, 2009

One thing a lot of people don't know is that the small X motor on MY machines have carbon brushes in them. If you do not replace the brushes before they wear out it trashes the motor.

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Mydata M12 issue | 27 October, 2009

Sr.Tech is absolutely right !!! This is where I had started, by changing all 4 brushes on the motor then I changed the connector since it was turning black (Mydata have a retrofit connector assy for that!, you can do your own also!) After trying those two things, I re-adjusted the cog play, changed my Flat ribbon cables, inspect the vacuum couplers but every time no positive results so that's where I decided to swap parts around cause Mydata were telling me the exact same thing that they told Rob, since it's an intermittent problem wait till something obvious fails! As the Mydata guys says there are so much things that could influence the transducers and Sr.Tech listed some. Or unless you want to spend a lot of money on spare parts you may have to wait till something obvious fails. This should not crash the head or feeders it will simply stop running giving you the right message and you won't be able to initiate.

Oh I almost forgot, every time that I was getting a transducer error, right after if I would go check my pick up position in a magazine I would see my yellow box shifted by a bit..... So I would shut down the equipment, restart it, re-initiate and then the pick up position would be back to where it suppose to same for placement a normal system reboot was not enough it needed a complete shut down!

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