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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 4 September, 2009

Is it possible to Process Top & Bottom side PCBA simultaneously in One SMT Line. (An atrticle by Jagadeesh Rajagopalan, SMT Process consultant). Pls check this and suggest me whether it is possible? & What should be the Lead free Reflow Profile?

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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 5 September, 2009

We have successfully implemented this dual Process You can use any printer that supports Board width 500mm. SMT Dual Process Maximum PCB Width should be (500-20 / 2 ) = 240mm Max (PCB width )Printer support = 500mm Top width + Bottom width = 2 In between Distance = 20 mm

Optimize the topside Reflow Profile for the SMT Dual Process

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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 4 October, 2009

Thanks for the info.


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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 5 October, 2009

our company process flow chart : Loader -->Printer(DEK265)-->Gule -->SPI -->Mounting(NXT)-->AOI -->Reflow --> Bottom Loader --> Printer(DEK265)-->Gule -->SPI -->Mounting(NXT)-->AOI -->Reflow --> Touch up -->ICT -->BL -->FT -->Assembly

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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 6 October, 2009

What is the PCB width? Why can't you try screen printing in a pallet keeping TOp & Bot same time as mentioned in the article.? Then you can built TOP & BOT by following Line confg Loader -->Printer(DEK265)-->Gule -->SPI -->Mounting(NXT)-->AOI -->Reflow -->

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SMT DUAL PROCESS | 1 November, 2009

If you have an even multiple of boards in a panel, then your layout can be altered to have 1 top 1 bottom in the x layout so that when you flip the panel the same layout is on the opposite side therefore requiring just one program.

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