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Design of experiments 2E2 help!

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Design of experiments 2E2 help! | 20 August, 2009

Hi there! After various trial-error experiments we determined that two factors are the most insignificant in order to reduce or make worst the issue, those factors are:

Placement force: regular placement vs "force applied" to dip the component on the solder paste. Reflow profile (watta surprise...): low temp vs high temp (206 peak vs 228)

We're going to conduct a DOE to optimize process and the experiment will be a 2 factor 2 level. Here we have some "DOE" gurus but they're not so much involved in SMT, the question is: anybody has a excel spreadsheet or the metodology to conduct this "simple" DOE?? I will like to evaluate on parallel to our DOE masters to see how different or simmilar the calculation is.

I have search on DOE and design of experiments but I think is too complex for what I'm looking for and some people are too elevated for my experience, on other thread i read that "you will need such a training to be able to determine a DOE" but I think is not so complex once you have a template and just drop the data this is why I'm requesting it here with the SMT experts ;)

best regards.

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Design of experiments 2E2 help! | 20 August, 2009

Getting started * "Statistical Process Control for Surface Mount Technology" [(0967503396) WS Messina, Ph.D., President, Data Sleuths, 8311 Via de Ventura #2075 Scottsdale, AZ 85258: 602-321-0549 Fax: 480-348-9636 ] has a chapter on DOE with real life experiments on squeegee pressure and paste volume. * The web has a boat load of DOE tutorials. look here:

We use "QI Macros SPC Software for Excel" for our statistical analysis. Here is link to other data analysis software:

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Design of experiments 2E2 help! | 21 August, 2009

thanks davef according with DOE, most significant factor was the placement force applied to component... just to wait for confirmation run!!! regards.

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