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CAMALOT 1818 | 4 August, 2009

Maybe it will sound a little obsolete, but I need to know if there is or where to get a software package to be used with a CAM/ALOT dispenser for solder paste.

Is there a dedicated program or any kind of gerber translator out there?

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CAMALOT 1818 | 5 August, 2009

Speedline Technologies:

Let me know if they can help you or not

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CAMALOT 1818 | 7 August, 2009

I sent them a couple of emails a while ago. Both were replied with an automatic answer saying they will reply soon.

The 1818 is not on the list of supported models, according to their announcement from Sept.2007, the 1818 is replaced by the FX/D.

I also find nothing in their website regarding software for solder paste dispensing.

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