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SN100C Nickel Content

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SN100C Nickel Content | 30 July, 2009

We are running a selective solder machine using SN100C alloy. We have had J-STD-001 analysis performed every 2 months and our last analysis showed our nickel content at 0.104%. The max allowed is 0.100%. We changed out the pot (only 30 lbs) but I'd like to know how the effects high nickel content would show itself if at all. IE - Should I be worried about a 0.004% excess of Nickel in my pot?


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SN100C Nickel Content | 3 August, 2009

From alpha metals lead free alloy impurities bulletin:

"Levels greater than 0.025% may start to slow the wetting speed and could affect the hole fill performance. If process performance is OK then levels up to 0.05% are OK."

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SN100C Nickel Content | 3 August, 2009

Loco: Your post seems to be pasted from a Alpha Metals SACX0807 application sheet. We don't understand the relationship between your SACX0807 and Hoss67 SN100C. They're different alloys.

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SN100C Nickel Content | 4 August, 2009

Im not sure that 0.004% is that critical in a solder alloy. If people are using our alloy and the Nickel increases we would most probably suggest running a dopant alloy without Nickel to bring the levels back down, it is very rare to require dumping the pot. We also do this for the Copper content in our SAC and Sn100Sb alloys as well. Generally dissolving Nickel from Ni/Au boards is the main culprit due to high heats of selective soldering and dwell time, I would have thought a marginal increase in melting temperature could occur and possibly slower wetting above 0.1%. But best to keep below by using a non Nickel bar Cheers Greg BLT Circuit Services

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SN100C Nickel Content | 6 August, 2009

Indeed Dave, But I can't image the extra .5% silver that alpha adds to sn100c will make a huge impact on the difference between the behaviour of the 2 alloys, especially considering SAC gets exactly the same recommendation.

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