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PCB stretch

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PCB stretch | 23 July, 2009

I look for an international standard for PCB stretch . In case of misplaced solder paste versus stencil we noticed shorts after placement . I found cases where the PCB (image pattern) did not match with the stencil . It was due to PCB or stencil stretch.

Philips Consumer electronics mentionned +/-0,075mm between fiducials in diagonal . I've been looking now for an international standard . Does anybody know such a spec ?

Thanks for your answers


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PCB stretch | 23 July, 2009

IPC-2615 - Printed Board Dimensions and Tolerances

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PCB stretch | 25 July, 2009

Hi Davef, I checked this spec but the value is not mentionned . Have you , any of you other idea about spec mentionning this allowable PCB stretch (i.e. IEC ... ) ?

Thanks for your time of reading this


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