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Rework QFP

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Rework QFP | 7 July, 2009

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding rework. How do you guys rework QFPs (lead free)? The only method that we are currently doing is using a heat gun. We are heating up the bottom of the PCB (approx. 2") away from the bottom of the board until the solder starts to melt and then removing the QFP with tweezers. I know this is a common method, but i want to know if there are any possiblilties of damage? DOes the ramp rate of the heat gun matter? What temperature should the heat gun be for lead free and leaded? if anyone can give me any advice it would be much appreciated.

thank you Steven

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Rework QFP | 7 July, 2009

vacuum tweezers - manual pcb assembly

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