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Fuji QP242E Programming

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Fuji QP242E Programming | 4 July, 2009

Hi All, I am new in this forum and I'd like to ask for anyone's help in the programming of Fuji QP 242e. We had this machine from a company branch that closed last month and I have limited knowledge about this model. Just the basic steps would do. I am currently studying the F4G manual, but would quite take some time for me to learn from it.

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Fuji QP242E Programming | 7 July, 2009

Hi there,

Just so I understand, Do you have F4G installed and are looking for help with how to program something? Or, are you looking for programming software and only researching F4G?

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Fuji QP242E Programming | 8 July, 2009

Hi Daxman

I have the F4G installed in a host PC. I would like a summarized procedure (e.g. step 1, step 2, etc)on how to program, as reading from the manual is taking time. This could get me started faster. Appreciate any inputs. Thanks

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