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Clamshell Fixture Accessories

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Clamshell Fixture Accessories | 24 June, 2009

I'm building a clamshell test fixture. I have all the pins and sockets to make a bed of nails. I purchased an enclosure. Everything else is pretty standard. I do not however have any information on pushpins. These would be inserted into the lid, then push down the board firmly onto the pins when the lid is closed. Does anyone have a source for these?


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Clamshell Fixture Accessories | 26 June, 2009

We make our own out of delrin on the lathe, they look similar to a thin stubby pencil

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Clamshell Fixture Accessories | 26 June, 2009

Contact Elect-Test Fixtures, 484-921-5350. They build our test fixtures and we get most of our fixture supplies from them. They have the standard 1" and 1.5" hold-down pins. They may have other lengths as well. Tell them Reese sent you.

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Clamshell Fixture Accessories | 28 June, 2009

Try: * H+W Test Products 58 Industrial Ct., Seekonk, MA 02771 508-336-3200 fax6855; Steve Whitcomb

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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