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SMT vs. Through Hole

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SMT vs. Through Hole | 19 June, 2009

Hello all, we recently rolled out our new SMT products and I have to write up a proposal for possible customers. Does anyone have a link or info on why SMT is superior to through hole techonolgy? Not concerning the maufacturing process but in relation to the superiority of SMT technology in the field - in actual application.

Thanks, Jim

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SMT vs. Through Hole | 23 June, 2009

Refer to this article,

The main advantage is of course the density of the board. All the advantages for SMT over PTH are related to the decrease in component size. This is a good selling point for your customers. However, from a production stand-point, there are additional costs. But you probably already know this since you've started to build SMT.

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