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ROHS replacment parts

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ROHS replacment parts | 9 June, 2009

We have had issues for the last 4-5 years with converting our stock from leaded to ROHS components. We are a CM and have customers who want all ROHS and some that are still leaded. The problems we run into are when we intrduce a new ROHS component which is the same value as a leaded that we have in our system. often we have to deviate to use ROHS in place of leaded since leaded are becomeing harder to find. this casues a ton of documentation issues on our end. How does everyone else handle this? do you continue to purchase leaded parts or just ROHS for all (excpet BGA's)

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ROHS replacment parts | 10 June, 2009

We generally purchase RoHS for all; leaving leaded-only assemblies as the exception. We process leaded and lead-free components together in leaded products with few issues. As long as the customer doesn't mind the mix (I'm sure that some out there will, but mine don't), it hasn't presented an issue for us...yet.

cheers ..rob

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ROHS replacment parts | 10 June, 2009

What documentation issues are you having? We use ROHS only. The conversion has been relatively painless. We simply request the ROHS parts from the vendor with little issues. You might as well convert all your parts to ROHS, you'll have to eventually.

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ROHS replacment parts | 10 June, 2009

Texas Instruments has been completely lead free for something like 15 years.

Can't you add alternate parts to your system?

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ROHS replacment parts | 10 June, 2009

At work we use a system in which every customer uses a part with a phantom ( top level ) part and then under that we have more part numbers that are valid. So something like a surface mount resistor would be stored as something like.


Where the PBF at the end of the part description means lead free and the number with all the P's is actually the number on the BOM. Why don't you add new parts to your system when you come across a LEAD free part and change the description slightly at the beginning so its easy to find. Now you'll have a PBF part and a Leaded part in the system and you can chose which to use with which customer.

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