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Reflow Oven Upgrade

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Reflow Oven Upgrade | 28 May, 2009

I am looking for some advice. My company is thinking of upgrading our reflow oven. We have looked at the Heller ovens, in particular the 1800W. We are lead free.

Is there anyone that could share experiences, or first hand knowledge of these units.

Thanks, Craig

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Reflow Oven Upgrade | 28 May, 2009


We currently have an older Heller 1800 and quite like it in production. It easily handles our lead free products, and has enough flexibility to handle both heavy boards and lighter boards. Thermal profiling is relatively easy. I'm told the newer software is nicer and easier to use than the software that we're running. Tech support is generally easy to deal with, and they seem to have a really good grasp of their machines to provide support over the phone.

Do you have any specific questions that I could address for you?

cheers ..rob

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Reflow Oven Upgrade | 28 May, 2009

Dear Craig,

Quick note for you. The Model 1800 W has been replaced by the new MKIII series. The new updates, just won best new product and Vision Award at the Apex show last month�so lots of good things going on there.

Not sure where you are located but you might want to check with the local Heller rep or the factory for some techno details.



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Reflow Oven Upgrade | 28 May, 2009

We have A heller 1809 2005 model have replaced the chain drive motor twice have replaced 2 top blowers and one bottom blower as far as reflowing the solder performance has been great. the tech support has been great as well. we run 3 shifts 5 days a week.

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Reflow Oven Upgrade | 28 May, 2009

Thanks for all the replies.

I guess my next question would be regarding software upgrades. The newest software probably wouldn't work, but is there a point at which we can upgrade?

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