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American RoHS

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American RoHS | 22 May, 2009

They're at it again: Our benevolent government wants to change my processes, and incur massive additional production costs to fight a problem that does not exist...

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American RoHS | 22 May, 2009

By law any forthcoming legislation in this area needs to be in compliance with This requires an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be prepared.

Such a report has been done by the EPA in 2005 �Solders in Electronics: A Life-Cycle Assessment�

If you look at page ES-16/table ES-4 and ES-5 it appears that SAC alloys have a higher impact on the environment compared to Sn/Pb in areas: Non renewable resource use, Energy use, Global warming, Ozone depletion and Water Quality.

Since when have we (the US) become followers instead of leaders? Please make your elected representatives aware of this.


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American RoHS | 22 May, 2009

Maybe we need an organization like this one in the US?

Adopting the lead ban from the EU RoHS is madness.

Y'all have a great holiday weekend, Patrick

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American RoHS | 5 June, 2009

Look in attachment what NASA has to say about lead free electronics


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American RoHS | 6 June, 2009

A view from my perspective - EU is becoming over-bureauocrated mastodont (e.g. now they have 23 OFFICIAL languages - meaning each document HAS to be translated to ALL of them), resulting in such idiotic laws as that RoHS initiative. It's similar to claiming that the hydro power is purely "green", forgetting how much CO2 we have to pump in the atmosphere to build the dams (and to produce all that concrete too...)? Imagine how much lead is around us in each car's battery? But that's not mentioned in the RoHS laws...

As you Americans say - "There's no free lunch". If we want all the luxury of the modern civilisation, we have to pay the price or go back to middle ages. I don't say that is the best way to do it,just I doubt there's a middle way...

- Deni

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