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GSM software upgrade

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GSM software upgrade | 15 May, 2009

Since UIC does not support older machines anymore, is there another way to upgrade our GSM1? We have an I-block hardware running OS2.11 and USOS 1.4.14. I would like to upgrade to USOS 3.xx, to be able to use Enhanced Product setup feature. Any hints would be highly appreciated!

- Deni

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GSM software upgrade | 20 May, 2009

We have a GSM1 with version 1.4. The machine has the old VME chassis. So to upgrade the software (to use enhanced component setup) the VME chassis has to be upgraded. We had UIC in last year to look at this and they would upgrade the VME and software for well over 10K. Not worth it since you can find used GSM1's all over the place for the same price.

Chances are you have the old style of VME as well.

I wouldn't say they don't support older machines any more. They have given me plenty of help just recently.


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GSM software upgrade | 20 May, 2009

Thanks Jeff, I know that UIC charges A LOT for such things, but there's a lot of second-hand hardware on the market (as well as spare boards) that can be used for the purpose.

Regarding support, I am located in Europe, bought an used GSM machine, registered the software by UIC and got an e-mail that machine is not supported any more. Of course I can buy spares etc. Also, they seemed not very interested as I send them several e-mails asking for some assistance, but got no reply. That's why I posted the message here...

- Deni

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GSM software upgrade | 28 May, 2009

Hello I am a Sales Engineer for Universal in Europe - I have sent you my Contact information by Email - Please contact me - to see if we can sort this out.


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