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BGA Reflow profiles

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BGA Reflow profiles | 12 May, 2009


we have recently got a PS-400 BGA reflow from china. has hot air top heater, IR & hotair bottom heater and 6 IR bottom heaters. We are able to handle all type of desktop boards but in few of the laptop boards we still have problem. The profiles given by the manufacturer dont work on all boards and due to language problem they are not able to help us. Can any body help us. We cans end complete details of boards and bga we are trying to solder.


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BGA Reflow profiles | 14 May, 2009

While you're waiting for others to reply: * Search the fine SMTnet Archives to find threads like

* Checkout Daan Terstegge's excellent jump site

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BGA Reflow profiles | 14 May, 2009

Me thinks generic profile + desktop and laptop computer boards= not happy time.

Attach thermo-couple to appropriate location on said part/pcb. Make profile same as solder manufacturer / component manufacturer spec.

There is no magic heater set point chart for reflow.(I see this question asked here time and time again) One board may act differently than another once heat is applied.

The proper way to profile a board is to attach thermo couples using an acceptable method, and take readings with a temperature data logger.

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BGA Reflow profiles | 14 May, 2009


thanks for yr feedback.

we are a repair house..for us making profiles using expensive techniques is not we are looking for fast and easy to go methods.


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BGA Reflow profiles | 14 May, 2009

I don't mean to be rude, but what you are saying rings a bell as being questionable practice.

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BGA Reflow profiles | 17 May, 2009


I am sorry if i sound offended anybody.

What i meant is that we are handling boards which are from major manufacturers like hp / compaq / dell / ibm / intel. So if annybody has experience of handling it..than they may have reflow profiles of same. What mentioned by Sr. Tech is right way but i think that involves some expensive tools. If there is any economical way to creat profiles please let us know.

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BGA Reflow profiles | 19 May, 2009

Do you have any OEM's or CM's or a local college that may have the equipment? could you hire them to come in and profile. SR Tech is correct you shouldn't poke and hope with profiles! Sounds like you are not hitting peak temps. if the above are not an option find some temp labels on-line, they are and old in-acurate methode to make sure you are hitting peak temps. Make sure if you are trying to reach 220c you also buy 230 and or 240c as well so you know you are not over temping the board!! not the best way to do this but it may get you through this.

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BGA Reflow profiles | 19 May, 2009

My 1st question before I can give you an idea or for one even post an idea. Unless I am reading this wrong , you are doing board repair/refurb? You are looking for an inexpensive way to do this repair while at the same time acheieving a proper reflow temp? You right now are using a " Older ZONE" oven and reflowing a whole PCB in attempts to resolder 1 failed part?? I guess thats what needs to be answered 1st. If this is the casewe need to start back over from the top.


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BGA Reflow profiles | 20 May, 2009

yes you are correct that we are repairing motherboards. We are not reflowing the entire board to replace one component. We are using reflow machine to reflow the particular component.

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BGA Reflow profiles | 22 May, 2009

I have used the Fluke 53 (single channel) and 54 (2 channel) hand-held units. You can get the model 54 for about $300 if you shop around. Is this too much?

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BGA Reflow profiles | 25 May, 2009


we tried making a profile of a chip ATI 9000 mounted on a toshiba laptops, this is on a small pcb.

the picture i have enclosed is used to remove the but when we tried to solder the chip using the same didnt work. Can anybody suggest us what and where we went wrong.

Profile setting are

Upper heater 55, 160, 185, 210, 200 Timing : 45, 30, 50, 50, 10

Lower heater 55,160,185, 210,220 Timing : 45,30,60,50,40

I have enclosed the heating graph...the red one is the TC temperature placed at one corner of the IC.


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