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PCB Material selection

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PCB Material selection | 11 May, 2009

Hi PCB experts,

I am tasked to design boards (medical) that can stand -90 Deg C environment. I am seeking for help from all the PCb experts out there in guiding me on the right selection of PCB materials, soldering alloy (SMT & Wave) and right component finished. My ultimate goal is to get good/long term reliability solder joints/products.

Please help.

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PCB Material selection | 11 May, 2009


For the material side, more info is needed,

Layer count of product, Rohs or Not, what surface finish would you be looking at?

Regards, boardhouse

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PCB Material selection | 12 May, 2009

Thanks for replying Mr BoardHOuse.

The product has to be RohS compliance. Surface finished is something that I am still considering and currently looking at either OSP or Immesion Silver. In short whatever combination that can produce high reliability solder joint/product? Example: will Sn95Ag5 be the right alloy to use? WIll ceramic be the best fit? Underfill material get brittled under extreme low temp?

I have not decided on the layer yet as we are still at a very beginnig stage. At this stage, if I consider ceramic, what is the cost associated to structure it in a Multilayers form? If I can find material that can stands low -90Deg C and can be processes at high 260 Deg C and cost in multilayering it is cheaper, then I would consider that.

Please let me know if further information is required. Again thank you for responding. It was much appreciated.


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