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GSM Placement List

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GSM Placement List | 6 May, 2009

We used to run GSM's on our SMT lines but now have new machines. I have all old programs from GSM's zipped and archived on our server. We have new orders for a handful builds that ran on GSM. I might be able to import those old files into our off-line programming but am reluctant to do so as I don't want to corrupt any existing feeder or part databases. Also, I've opened all 24 files that reside in each zip and most (from what I can see) are not viewable with Windows programs. Is there a way to extract the placement list only from GSM, zipped back-ups so I can clean it up for CAD data?

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GSM Placement List | 8 May, 2009

All GSM files are in proprietary binary format and you can't easily extract needed data directly. As you said you have off-line sw. you can backup all the relevant folders (if you are affraid to mess up current feeder/component databases) and restore archived projects and then use Comprehensive Export function of the product editor to get the p&p list in the ASCII form. Then you can edit that file to suit your new machine input format...

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GSM Placement List | 12 May, 2009

Thanks, Deni. I ended up doing all that you have mentioned + I copied/duplicated the existing databases. After importing programs and getting what I need from them, I d the altered databases and renamed the copies back to default.

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