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Fuji CP3 Tape Leaf Sensor

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Fuji CP3 Tape Leaf Sensor | 23 April, 2009

Do any of you fine people have any suggestions on how to align the Fuji CP3 tape leaf sensor? The little mirrors are out of alignment, any ideas how to get them back?


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Fuji CP3 Tape Leaf Sensor | 24 April, 2009

Hi Nick,

I took a feeder that was broken and modified it.

I glued shims in place to set the sensor height with.

I glued a block of metal to work as a stop for the Y axis.

Then for the rotation I use a piece of paper to see were the emitter is pointing and adjust to align with the receiver.

I then swap the fiber optic cable at the amp and repeat the rotation adjustment.

Finally try to set the amp to something other than the max. These amps seem to burn out if ran at maximum.

Good luck, Jerry

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Fuji CP3 Tape Leaf Sensor | 25 April, 2009

FYI SME offers a replacement Tape leaf detection system which covers the whole range of FUJI CP4-CP7 machines.its also very reasonably priced. It doesn't use Fibre Sensors or mirrors. it only has 1 adjustment which is height via Eccentric screw. even if the tape leaf raises it will not enter rotational area of turrent. Save time on Set-up, Parts, & Nozzles etc.

For more information Contact

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Fuji CP3 Tape Leaf Sensor | 27 April, 2009

Thanks for the help Jerry

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