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PB-Free Wave Soldering Service Provider

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PB-Free Wave Soldering Service Provider | 22 April, 2009

Quick Question! We have an assembly that we're building for a customer that will have to be soldered via a Lead-Free Wave Solder. We do not currently have a Lead-Free Wave Solder in house. Does anyone know of a company that may be able to provide this service at a reasonable rate? It's 45 pieces. And the assemblies would be provided built complete, holes masked, they would only need to be Wave Soldered, and inspected. (Looking to have solder joints only inspected. Individual Component Inspections would be handled in house) The PCB is approximately 5x8 inches, and will have processing rails that we will remove in-house once we receive the boards back. Any ideas?

As always, any help you all might be able to provide is greatly appreciated.


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PB-Free Wave Soldering Service Provider | 29 April, 2009

We'd expect the contract assembly houses in your area could do that soldering for you.

Ooops, you said 'customer' that means you're a contract assembly house and don't want to give business to your competitor or give them a lead on your customer. Messy.

Would a wave soldering equipment supplier do that service for you as: * An enticement to purchase their equipment? * An outright service job for pay?

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