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New Fuji NXT

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New Fuji NXT | 14 April, 2009


We are considering adding on to our SMT line. Our current line is CP65, IP3 and we would like better placement on our 0402's and 0201's. We were looking at the NXT, we would need larger pcb table to match our other machines. We probably only need 60-70 8 mm feeders to start and probably a few 12mm and 16mm.

Any advice or info? I read some older post already.

Also any additional cost incurred, spare parts, feeder racks, dealer doc.... that we should be warned about.

Also any alternative brands keeping in mind we already have flexa. Our program/cad software is Aegis to flexa.


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New Fuji NXT | 14 April, 2009

We have both NXT and AIM. Be aware of the width limitation (250mm?)on the M3 module, if you go over it then you have to pair with an adjacent module to build the board.

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New Fuji NXT | 17 April, 2009


If you don't have a space constraint, why not check out the XPF machine. We just got the second XPF-W machine in the world to ship, and it's amazing. Huge boards, and the same feeders as NXT. Auto backup pin, feeder change on the front of the machine, and auto nozzle change over between turrets or fine pitch nozzles. It's the best of both worlds, and we will be only getting this machine from now on.



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