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QSV-1 plus

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QSV-1 plus | 13 April, 2009

Anyone with any thoughts (pro or con) for the following options for Quad, QSV-1 pick and place?:

detachable feeder bases IQ system

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QSV-1 plus | 14 April, 2009

If you plan on loading offline to get the most out of your machine time every day then they are a must. If you don't care about that and how long your change overs keep the machine down then I guess they don't matter.

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QSV-1 plus | 14 April, 2009

This probably goes without saying but in order to utilize the feeder carts you must have enough feeders to have a job running on the machine, and a job loaded and sitting on the feeder carts. Also the IQ system can only talk to IQ feeders.

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