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Flexa Prog query

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Flexa Prog query | 18 February, 2009

Hi all,

I have a proto build of 3 cards - the 3 cards are being supplied on the same panel.

what is the best way to program this on Fuji Flexa - each card will have a lot of the same references e.g C1 , C2 etc...


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Flexa Prog query | 18 February, 2009

Hi aj,

I've never done Flexa programing, but in MCS2 I made it 1C1 for C1 on board 1 and 2C1 for C1 on board 2 etc. I did this in a spread sheet for each board then copy and paste each data set into 1 spreadsheet then saved as text and imported into MCS2.

May not be the best way but it is a way.


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Flexa Prog query | 18 February, 2009

thanks Jerry,

thats the only way I could think of doing it aswell.


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Flexa Prog query | 19 February, 2009

I think as long as they are imported as different board numbers, you can have "duplicate" ref designators.

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Flexa Prog query | 4 March, 2009

you can copy board at the panelize option and put the value of width of the first board at y of the second board.

use panel fiducial at the mark coordinates

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Flexa Prog query | 17 March, 2009

AJ, you are making this harder than it realy is. Import the cad file with the BOM. Then use the panalize function built into Flexa to step and repeat for block 2 and 3. The ref. designators will be tied to each block (board).

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