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VIP98 fault

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VIP98 fault | 10 February, 2009


We have a fault on our BTU VIP98 reflow oven. At present NONE of the zones are heating up, even though all the SSR's appear to be working and we have voltage at the elements and the fans are all working. Anyone got any pointers? Thanks in advance.

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VIP98 fault | 11 February, 2009

Please check the following: 1.Power supply. 2.SSR control power. 3.OTP or over temp protection at the software. Maybe you set it at low so it reads over temp even at lower temp.

If still not ok you may check BTU service engineers.

Brian Riggs

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VIP98 fault | 11 February, 2009

You may be out of phase. Check your 220V or 480V (if in USA).

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VIP98 fault | 15 February, 2009


We had a similar trouble in a same oven's model. In each one of the heat zones, you have a thermal sensor to avoid an over heat. All of them are conected in a serial circuit with the coil of the main contactor for the preheaters power. If anyone of those sensors is broke, you will see that the SSR's are working perfectly, but the heaters are not working. Please check this sensor in the heaters. For this, you will find five conection terminals in each zone. The fist three are for the supply of the heater and if you connect a multimeter to messure continuity between the other two, you must to have continuity, otherwise this sensor is broke.

Good Luck.

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VIP98 fault | 16 February, 2009

Thanks for all the posts. It did indeed turn out that we had a fault on the Over Temp circuit from one of the zones, causing a fault for the main heater contactor.

Thanks again!

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