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Royonic dinosaurs...

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Royonic dinosaurs... | 4 February, 2009



At my current job 10 royonic, series 450(according to the bill), dinosaurs are used. They were bought in 2002 and came with a manual for the 410-series. The manual, in dutch, for the programming-unit is pretty sure it's a type 404 while... that nr. never was used, in fact, it's a 403. Wanna guess how good things are explained in that manual ? :-)

I know, official support for this prehistoric machinery stopped in 1989 and the last program update, on the pc attached, confirms that. But... the boss wants keep 'm alive as long as possible by feeding dead units to those still alive. Did I mention that the previous (and only) programmer left before I got acquainted with my new, old... pets ?

It's probably a chance of 1 in a million, i'm very(!) interested in an original copy of the 403-Programming unit. It's hard to finish my paleontologic research without it. Digital or paper versions, both are welcome and I'm willing to extort the boss to give you a "better than fair" payment in return. Docs preferably in English or German, but I'm willing to use every translation tool to extract the info needed. Software, written after 1989 is also very welcome. I have some ideas to improve software, but I guess I'm not the first who may have had such ideas and... followed 'm.

By the way, the company i'm working for now was set up for people with all kinds of handicaps, the fact that they have a chance to work is more important as the speed of production. In return that means little income and poor opportunities to upgrade stuff. I was asked to get acquainted with this equipment and teach users how to program new PCBs. At another company I probably would have said "Upgrade your stuff..." but I see a challenge here and like to keep these electronic mastodons alive.

Thank you in advance, best wishes, Merci � l'avance, les meilleurs voeux, Danke im Voraus, beste W�nsche, Вы заранее, наилучшие пожелания,

Bart Derks. the Netherlands

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Royonic dinosaurs... | 4 February, 2009

Hello Bart,

we should still have what you need in our museum department. No, seriously we even still repair these units. Please send me your contact details to so we can communicate directly.

Best regards,

Erhard Hofmann AdoptSMT Group

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