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Soldering oven

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Soldering oven | 19 January, 2009

Hello all!

We possess a speedline electrovert omniflo 7 reflow oven at my site. Last week we examined how the solder profile was affected by fan-speed and by providing the soldering process with compressed air(O2) or nitrogen(N2). We also ran the same profile when we had turned the compressed air off, i.e. no application of gas.

Higher fan-speed gave a slight reduction of delta T(difference between highest and lowest measured temperature on the PBA).

Difference between O2, N2 or no gas was insignificant.

I wonder even if there is a very small difference between the different gases or no gas maybe O2 and/or N2 gives the process stability or if it really doesn't matter. The supply of gas maybe obstruct turbulence in the oven?

Please give me your oppinion.

BR Daniel

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Soldering oven | 19 January, 2009


using a nitrogen should give you different solder joints, than using just air. The joints should be more shiny and clear. With air they should remain more blurry. Emil

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Soldering oven | 19 January, 2009

Like has been said, I would expect N2 to provide for shinier joints. On the other issue, which is it...O2 or compressed air?

I would expect air to do nothing, and O2 might actually make your joints oxidize faster (duller appearance)...or blow up your oven. :O

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Soldering oven | 20 January, 2009

I mean compressed air... But what is the difference between dull and shiny joints? Is it better electric conduct? Does the N2 obstruct voids i.e. ???

Thank you for your answers.

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Soldering oven | 30 January, 2009

Hey Daniel, N2 gas provides an inert atmosphere which help to minimise oxidation, generally a concern across the reflow zone. Although N2 provides a more shiny solder joint, it is certainly more of a cosmetic issue and does not certify joint reliability. While N2 gas ensures better wetting results during Reflow, it is not right to believe that N2 is the reason for better solder joints. In either case, you must use the most optimum Reflow Profile in your process for best results. You may evaluate the expense for use of N2 in youe process vis-a-vis your business case.

Cheers ! - Sachin.

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