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Business Survey

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Business Survey | 6 January, 2009

With this current downturn how many of us are worried about our jobs? It wasn't that long ago (00/01)since the last one and just trying to get an idea on how bad this one is going to be. We slowed down middle of last quarter and I think the worst is yet to come. Small/Medium Contract Mfg, 10+ changeovers a day. Anybody going to Apex? I heave heard from a few OEM's that they are considering pulling out completely.

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Business Survey | 7 January, 2009

So far so good over here. We did 60% growth over the past two years; and the early indicators are that another 30% is doable for us.

We're a small CM; just at 10 employees; but growing. Good mix of industries served. I think that and our niche of short runs and prototypes is helping us during the slow down.

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Business Survey | 7 January, 2009

We are a small (18 employees) OEM company who also provides EMS to other local companies in our area. Q3-Q4 2008 we did see a small downturn in our OEM sales. Our EMS side actually stayed pretty flat over that same period. Like rob, we have a high mix/low volume emphasis that works well for small production runs and prototypes and we serve a variety of industries on our EMS side.

While we are not worried about our jobs, we are not sending 2 people to APEX this year like we did in 2008. We have also delayed the purchase of 2 new pieces of capital equipment for our manufacturing floor.

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Business Survey | 22 January, 2009

I am on the west cost, A hop to Vegas is not much. I am interested in the anything to increase productivity.

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APEX 2009 | 25 January, 2009

Many OEMs, including myself and going big for APEX. This is the 1 venue that still brings qualified people to technology.

In tough times we find that small investments in technology and processes can make a huge difference in productivity.

Vegas has reduced rates making it very affordable now to attend. The show is 98% sold out which means attendees will see alot.

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