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UIC 4796 HSP Password

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UIC 4796 HSP Password | 5 January, 2009

We have a machine that has the supervisor password is set and the current password is not known. Is there a way to reset the supervisor password? Is there a top level password above the supervisor level that can be input to enable me to access the machine data without clearing all the machine data out? I have saved the machine data onto disks from the machine floppy drive so if necessary I can do a full machine reset that I believe will also clear to current passwords then restore the machine data. If this is the only option, who knows how to do a full machine reset to clear the machine memory?

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UIC 4796 HSP Password | 12 January, 2009

Did you try explaining the problem to your machine manufacturer for direct assistance? Perhaps your machine brochure would indicate a 24hrs helpline service, or any contact no.

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UIC 4796 HSP Password | 15 January, 2009

This is the procedure to reset the password in the UCT-52 software. I don't know if it will also work on the machine, but it's worth a try:

To reset UCT 52 after you get a password has changed error, you need to type the master password in to reset the software. The master password is �SN******�. This is actually a formula you need to figure out. To replace the * with the number you need to multiply the current day times the month times the year, but the number has to be six digits long. If it is not you need to add a 0 to the beginning. Example for the password on April 4, 2005 would be 4 X 4 X 2005 for a password of �SN032080�.

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UIC 4796 HSP Password | 15 January, 2009

Thnaks Pitbull That worked

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