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Pick & Place Recommendation

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 12 December, 2008

I'm looking to purchase a used pick and place machine. A machine like the Samsung CP20 or CP45 is about right. I don't know what the equivalent machine is with the other major vendors such as, Fuji, General, Philips, etc.

In general this would be our rough requirements � 5K-10K PPH with a mixture of component types � Conveyor � Year 2000 or newer � Very Easy to use � 0402 and 0.5mm pitch capability � Reliable, repeatable, no post inspection required � Main stream in the USA Would like large available pool of used parts � Low, low maintenance � 60+ feeder support � Solder paste dispensing option for prototypes a want

I would very much like to avoid a machine that requires training and needs to be on a support contract just to keep it running. It should be intuitive to use. It would be ideal if there was a corresponding forum/users group for advice and help when issues do arise. Something that runs for years without a need to ever call support. I would also like to avoid a machine that is just physically huge. Compact and capable is a high want.

What would you recommend? And which specific capabilities or features are a must have, without which you would not consider the machine?

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 13 December, 2008

If you are with no experience buying used machine is bad idea.

The used machine sellers/brokers in 99% of the cases can't provide good support, which is very important when you start learning new machine.

Usually the used machines come with partial or no documentation as well, i.e. new expenses for you to buy it from the vendor.

I personally would buy used machine only if my peoples already worked on such and have experience.


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Pick & Place Recommendation | 13 December, 2008

Ideally, I would like to purchase directly from the current owner and not through a broker. I need to first settle on a given machine or a short list of machines

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 14 December, 2008

You still have the same problem........who is going to train you and support it when it needs service? The end user you bought it from? Even the manufacturer will probably not support you if you purchased a used machine without paying them a registration fee first. My advice for a newbie is to buy new........especially the type of machine you are looking'll be cheap enough new.

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Pick& Place Recommendation | 14 December, 2008

I would recomend you a machine which neither requires big current ore airconsumption! Further all you should check sources of onsite support from vendor site, as I would recomend in many cases to order their service, then any second source supply! Further all, I could recomend to purchase an asset from any broker, as in many cases you would make a very good deal, taking in consideration that many brokers, as myself have huge stock on machines which where taken back, ore exchanged to high end platforms with more throughput!

My recomendation for you would be a Mydata platform, which you can get for very good prices! Maintaince is easy to carry out, as well as programm generation can get learned within a max. 2 days training!

You might start with a MY9, asset, which even does not needs compressed air, just powersupply, and aprox. 6 squaremeter handling area!

in case you need any further informations, please do not hestiate to contact me!

with Brgds. MF

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 14 December, 2008

you may check MC-391 (I saw they have banner here), we have same bought here in Europe under the brand Autotronik, this is made in China machine. Very easy to use and very cheap. with vision centering and good precision, not super duper fast, but with smart feeders which make the programing easy.

For short series setup time may be as much as 30% of your overal machine time, so the easy to use and program machine will pay off quickly, than machine which is made for volume runs and need hanging around it whole day when you start new job.

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 15 December, 2008


I beleave there is no machine on the world, which could meat your requirments. But if you find one, please tell me the brand so I can buy plenty of them. If not check your requirments again:

-no maintanance -very easy to program(self-programable) -no training -running for years without need of support(self-running) -not heavy -no inspection after it

Should it be cheap too?

Come on! Be seroius!

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Pick & Place Recommendation | 15 December, 2008

"If you are with no experience buying used machine is bad idea."

I agree.

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