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SN100 Solder Bar

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SN100 Solder Bar | 6 December, 2008

We are going to convert a Leaded Wave machine (EMS Stallion) to Lead Free.

Can we just empty the pot of leaded solder, run it with pure tin for a bit and then put in SN100 bar?

What's the score with SN100?

Oh and does anyone have any paperwork for the above machine.

Thanks in advance.

James :-)

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SN100 Solder Bar | 6 December, 2008

Your stainless hardware like pumps and such will wear very fast if you use em in no-lead. As fo r the pot some fella from Honda used a potatoe to clean his pot. It's in The Forum here somewhere.

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SN100 Solder Bar | 10 December, 2008

We have had expierience to convert our wave solder machine EPK1(1995g)with cast iron solder pot for lead free SN100.It runs about year and half now without problem.

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SN100 Solder Bar | 10 December, 2008

I would first check to see what the maximum temperature this operates at I remember seeing my first one on Ebay the other day and it is a small bench mounted machine. You need to ensure the solder bath will operate up to around 260 - 270C. ALL Lead Free Solder will attack Stainless Steel. If I can help please call me Best Regards Greg York BLT Circuit Services Ltd UK

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SN100 Solder Bar | 16 December, 2008

Converting your machine from lead to lead-free can be performed in a few steps: 1)Ensure the solder bath is up to temperature 2)De-dross the solder bath 3)Remove pumps/ flow ducts; etc. clean very well- set aside 4)Purge leaded solder 5)Remove as much solder/dross/other contaminants as possible 6)Fill solder pot with tin 7)Heat up, install pumps / flow ducts and cycle pumps to leach remaining lead) 8)Repeat steps 1~5 9)Fill with SN100C

if you have any specific questions, or require further information regarding SN100C, or your upcoming conversion, please feel free to contact me off-line.

Regards Jim

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