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1oz Copper Sheet Specifications

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1oz Copper Sheet Specifications | 3 December, 2008

Hi All:

Does anyone know how to specify or buy 1oz copper foil in a sheet format?



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1oz Copper Sheet Specifications | 9 December, 2008

First, you cannot determine foil thickness from its weight per area, because there is significant variation in the density of electrodeposited copper.

Second, the official IPC specification for minimum thickness is "after" processing by the fabricator. For current carrying calculations, using the IPC minimum data is probably safest. So for 1 ounce copper, is the typical "nominal" value that is used to specify the copper weight.

Third, while nominal thickness is 36um (1.4thou) per 1 ounce of copper, in real life, inspect for a total surface copper thickness of 0.0024" (0.0010" minimum foil thickness after processing + 0.0014" copper plating on the surface). Continuing, this is the 0.0010" final copper foil thickness is discussed in IPC-6011/6012 for 1 ounce starting copper weight.

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