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Fuji IP2 users

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Fuji IP2 users | 21 November, 2008

Our Fuji IP2 m/c will not recognise fiducial marks. M/c lost all proper data and without any backup documentation on what data was originally inputted I have had to use educated guesswork. Is there info that needs to be in the proper data for the IP2 to use fiducials? Is it in the 'Machine Status B' line of data? Can anyone give me info on this, seems that all of the Fuji service people and Fuji infomation websites cannot give me an answer or they dont want to be bothered(as it such an old m/c type)! The fiducial camera has been checked and is working okay, as it shows up the fiducials on the display screen clearly.

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Fuji IP2 users | 21 November, 2008


Not having a copy of the proper for a Fuji machine is asking for trouble.

Did you check the door pocket on the machines CPU cabinet? Hopefully the original printout is still there and will give you a starting point.

The machine will need a full calibration even if you find an old copy of the proper. So you could approach some of the independent service companies that work on Fuji's to get the alignment done which will make it worth there trouble to get you a working proper.

For me I have an electronic copy (on 2 separate computers) and a printout of the latest proper for all of my Fuji equipment.

Good Luck Jerry

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