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how to handle solder paste

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how to handle solder paste | 7 November, 2008

I have been working on the SMT area for a while now, must of my experience is on programming and pick and place, now in my new job I have to control a complete SMT line and I have a little knowledge on working with solder paste but I like to read more about it, from basic to even tough issues, right now I am working on Sn63Pb37 and I will be working with a lead free solder paste, does anyone know a pdf or a web site with this kind of information, my line is simple one MPM semiautomatic printer, MYDATA FP9-UPF and a Ersa reflow oven, can someone help me ?


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how to handle solder paste | 8 November, 2008

Often, your solder paste supplier provides guideline on handling their solder paste. For instance:

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

Look for broader information on solder paste at Daan Terstegge's excellent jump site:

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