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PMJ1800-axials | 24 October, 2008


I am trying use PMJ1800 odd form machine to place axial components. If I set clencher hight according to manual (so clencher nearly touching PCB) one lead is cleached more or one side i pulled more. I have checked clencher position and it is exectly between leads. Also I have checked the pusher of the components whether there is no movement during clenching but this is also ok. When I down clencher (leave gap between clencher and PCB) I got better result but appears problem with sensor clencher recognition of the leads. Does anyone have experiences with PMJ and axial placement and best setting of clencher. ?

Regards janz

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PMJ1800-axials | 27 October, 2008


It appears as if the clincher is not perfectly centered even if it does appear so. You can try to adjust the clincher offset values by entering trial values for the X and Y offsets. Try changing these values in both positive and negative directions and see which values give the best results. You should also check if the clincher rack-and-pinion has excessive mechanical backlash, especially on one side only.

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