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OSP & Presoldering

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OSP & Presoldering | 22 October, 2008

Is it possible to have OSP and after presoldering If yes, what mask used to not to affect OSP before solder?

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OSP & Presoldering | 23 October, 2008

Help us understand your presoldering process better

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OSP & Presoldering | 26 October, 2008

pre solder means bump formation is it poassible after OSP we will do bump formation?

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OSP & Presoldering | 27 October, 2008

Each thermal cycle decreases the thickness of the OSP. So depending on the material, fabrication method, and blablabla; after one thermal cycle we'd expect the OSP to provide adequate protection for a couple of days. After that, you may need a more active flux.

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