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AXI grayscale stability

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AXI grayscale stability | 7 October, 2008

Hi all!

Got a question for you guys:) I'd like to measure if the grayscale of an AXI is stable or not. How shall I do it? Should I do a process capability study or is the X-bar chart-method better? Or is there a third method that I should use? What would be the better choice and why?

Thank you for your answers! Ismir

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AXI grayscale stability | 8 October, 2008

NEITHER AXI nor AOI are "stable" or "repeatable." If your false call rate is zero, then you've basically rendered the machine an expensive conveyor (ie it's passing everything 'cause you've opened the limits too much).

You can *try* to do a Cpk or Gauge R&R, but each method will have a low probability of passing. It's just nature of the beast with each type of technology. only caveat to this statement is. I'm basing AXI on Agilent's "X-Ray Laminography" technology. I don't know if there's better, more repeatable X-Rays out there.

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