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Fuji machine problems

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Fuji machine problems | 17 September, 2008

Our Fuji IP2 has a problem reading fiducial marks.It finds the mark(is shown on console display) but after time gives out the error statement "image display time over".It gives out an error status code of "FFFC" on the console display.Cannot find any explanation as to what "FFFC" means in Fuji Error Code manuals or through Fujiflexa error messages.We use Fujiflexa software to communicate to our Fuji machines from a host computer.Can anyone enlighten me with any information on what the cause is?Is it our proper data?Should 'Machine Status A' OR 'Machine Status B' have a specific number in the proper data to allow recognition of fiducial marks? Any info. however small would be most appreciated?

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Fuji machine problems | 19 September, 2008

Ralph, Is this problem related to all product or is it product specific? You may need to change the fiducial data in the program. I am not familiar with flexa but have some knowledge with MCS30.

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Fuji machine problems | 19 September, 2008


if it is for all your products, for me it looks like a camera cable or camera problem. You are loosing connection and get the message. FFFC looks like a fatal error. If it is only one product, play with the lighting and treshold.

Regards, Emil

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Fuji machine problems | 19 September, 2008

If you're having trouble with a specific board, double check your Pattern, Diameter, Color and Scan Area under the 'Mark Data' tab. You can also try setting the Pitch Tolerance to '0' in the machine configuration. Good Luck, Bill

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Fuji machine problems | 22 September, 2008

When our IP-II did strange things we would do a reset start. This fixed a lot of odd behavior.


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