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AOI Tabletop Suggestions

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AOI Tabletop Suggestions | 16 September, 2008

Does anyone one have any recommendations on type of table top to use for "tabletop" AOI machines. Someone suggested to me of using slate table tops or heavy duty suface tops. Does anyone have any ideas?

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AOI Tabletop Suggestions | 16 September, 2008

Our Mirtec MV3 Benchtop machine came with its own table. Others may or may not. During our evaluation of AOI machines we had 2 other units set up on standard workbenches at times. A solid, shake free table is a MUST, the heavier the better. There is a lot of metal moving (quickly)when these machines are running and if the table is not suitable, you will see either the machine start walking towards the edge of the table or the table start walking across the floor.

Go heavy, or be prepared to anchor the table or the machine!


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AOI Tabletop Suggestions | 17 September, 2008

Hey Bwelch,

We use the Marantz Nspec 22x (similar to the DL-14) table top AOI here and it's great. No need to bolt it down or attach it to a heavy table; the g-forces are extremely minimal and the machine still operates quickly. 1 guy can pick up the machine and move it, no problem. The inspection works great, and it's not difficult to attain 100% failure rate on unpopulated PCB's. You can visit for info & their support is great.

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