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OEE measurement

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OEE measurement | 14 September, 2008

Hi All, I am trying to work out the OEE of my NXT equipment to IPC. I am presently trying to work out what metrics I need can anyone help me with this. I think I need the following

Machine rating IPC 70% of machine rating, cycle time,

What I am trying to do is also project how many parts I can place and how many modules I would need. I would like to be able to work out if a customer has a 1000 parts on the board how can I work this out

Thanks Guys


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OEE measurement | 16 September, 2008

OEE is something that is difficult to project, because there are many factors that effect it. Component replenishment, change-over times, programming issues etc.

I am sure the Fuji applications folks would be happy to figure out how many modules you will require for your NXT machine.

Look here:

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