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Omniflo 5 high temperature warning

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Omniflo 5 high temperature warning | 1 September, 2008

Hello all

Our Omni 5 has given the 'Cooling module high temp' warning twice during the past month. I suspect that the blower motor is the culprit but have not been able to verify this because the oven has started up normally after acknowledging the error. Anyway, after the first alarm we cleaned the blower motor thoroughly but obviously it did not help because the alarm came back a month later.

So could it be the overtemperature sensor giving false alarms? Does anybody know where this sensor is situated (have not been able to locate it in the documentation)?

I do not relish the idea of ordering a new blower assy because the fault may not be there. Especially, as Speedline only sells the complete blower assy at over 1600 � ...

Is it possible to bypass the overtemperature sensor if the fault should lie there or if the motor fails permanently? As far as I know, the function of the cooling blower is only to cool the PCBs exitting the oven so is there a risk if I try to run the oven with the cooling fan disabled? The idea is just to keep the line running while waiting for spares from Speedline, not as a permanent solution.

Also, I do not know about the exhaust air temperature if the cooling fan is not working, maybe I'll be blowing air at 250�C into the exhaust stacks which may not be such a good idea after all...

rgds AR

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Omniflo 5 high temperature warning | 2 September, 2008


I don;t thing there is an overtemperrature sensor. Just the thermocpouple returns a higher temp(voltage) to the controller and your software goes to alarm, cooldown or what ever it does.


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Omniflo 5 high temperature warning | 3 September, 2008

You may not be getting enough exhaust pull, so the cooling modules over temp. Try swapping blower motors to isolate that before buying one.

STANDARD AIR OPERATION: - Load-end: 150 cfm (255 m3/hr) at the 4� (102 mm) stack (minimum requirement) - Unload-end: 300 cfm (510 m3/hr) at the 4� (102 mm) stack (minimum requirement) - Water gauge pressure : 1.0� (25 mm) for each 4� (102 mm) stack on the machine

Cooling Zone 1 (Exhaust/Cooling module) includes two lip vents with one cross-flow blower in between; first vent goes to exhaust system; second vent acts as a lip vent at exit end of cooling module, with no external exhaust requirement. (Flow inlet draws ambient temperature air for maximum product cooling.) - Thermocouple in Cooling Zone 1 to monitor cooling zone temperature; user selectable alarm parameters. (Thermocouple monitors forced gas convection temperature.)

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Omniflo 5 high temperature warning | 4 September, 2008


This error only occurred with one oven profile with the reflow zone temperature set at 270�C. Perhaps it really has to do with the exhaust pull as the oven is operating very near its temperature limit with this profile. I will check that. Thank you for your suggestions.

rgds AR

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