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Component Shelf Life

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Component Shelf Life | 28 August, 2008

Can anyone please help me out. I am having solderability issues on a 208 pin QFP. I believe that it may be due to the age of the component. The date code states week 50 of 2003 which is not all that far off 5 years. The component was vacuum sealed at that time. Prior to build we baked the parts at 125 deg C for 24 hours per the package instructions. We are still experiencing random solderability issues on leads. My question is, is there a recommended shelf life for this type of component after which solderabilty issues may be experienced. As these components were purchased this year would be be justified in returning these parts to our supplier.

Many Thanks

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Component Shelf Life | 28 August, 2008

Shelf life numbers don't mean dip. Are the parts solderable per ANSI/J-STD-002, Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals, and Wires?

If yes, go solder the parts. If no, get better parts from your supplier.

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