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Block repeat and fiducial relation

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Block repeat and fiducial relation | 19 August, 2008


I need an advice regarding the next issue: in the case of Assembleon Topaz or Emerald SMT machines, is there necessary to teach first the block repeat coordinates and after that the PCB fiducial coordinates when you do not have these coordinates provided in the program (from the CAD data). I want to know if this is so, because the main shift leader at our company says that in the case we receive projects that have the programs without the block repeat and fiducial data we have to strictly follow these steps: 1. teach block repeat 2. check mount 3. if mount is OK, then teach fiducials 4. check mount again.

He says that it is not the same thing if you teach first the fiducials and then the block repeat, compared to the situation you teach block repeat first. Is this so? I doubt it, because the relationship between the block repeat and the fiducials stays the same in both cases.

I would appreciate if somebody is willing to give me some explanation about this issue. Thanks in advance

Regards, Stefi

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Block repeat and fiducial relation | 19 August, 2008

It depends on whether the Fiducials are Circuit Fiducials (located on the PCB) or Block Fiducials (located on the Panel) His way would be for Block Fiducials.

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Block repeat and fiducial relation | 21 August, 2008

My steps are different in that case: 1- Check mounts. Try to adjust origin point until get the pretty good mount positions. 2- Teach fiducials ( Board fids, not panel fids) 3- Use fids, check mount again. 4- If OK, then teach Block Repeat. This alwas the last step. In many cases, if I teach the Block repeat first. Mount datas will be off, somehow.

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Block repeat and fiducial relation | 22 August, 2008

I rarely use blk fiducials. But when I do, they are always programmed after the fids. It's the fids that sets your general alignment of the panel. I only use blk fidus for thin pcbs (30 mil) that tend to warp when on the conveyor.

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Block repeat and fiducial relation | 22 August, 2008

this is the order that I use. 1. Teach pcb origin 2. Teach fiducial location 3. dial in vision on fid in mark info. 4. go into mount and verify that the primary image is on in x/y (after perfoming a teach trace condition) and then do any offsetts if needed. 5 then I teach block repeat. 6 dial in block fiducucial in PRD data, and then proceed to optomize the program. and you are correct, it really doesn't matter what the order is as long as it is correct. I have forgot to do one step and then went back and did it later and it still worked fine. I hate working with people that think their way is the only way. I was trained by 3 different individual and I was shown 3 entirely different ways of operating these machines. Have a great weekend!!

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