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Pick and Place Nozzles

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Pick and Place Nozzles | 18 August, 2008

I'd like to get more information about pick and place nozzles. How can I learn more? ...

What do the nozzles look like? Are there different shapes? Are custom nozzles sometimes used for custom parts or are the nozzles mostly standardized? What kind might you recommend for my application? (see below)

I don't have much experience with pick and place machines (or nozzles) so help from you experts would be greatly appreciated! We are using Panasonic machines (not sure if that matters or not with regards to nozzles). Thanks!

Application: I'm attempting to pick and place a small rivet onto our PCB. The rivet should be attached via reflow solder. The rivet will be used to create a sandwich, holding together a frame and additional circuit board in a package. This part is intended only for mechanical purposes. Check out the drawing I've attached to get an idea of the rivet dimensions and application.


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Pick and Place Nozzles | 18 August, 2008

Nozzles are really machine specific. Your best bet, if you're looking for the correct nozzle for a part, would probably be to send a strip of parts and the data sheet to the manufacture of the machine and ask them for their recommendation. Most machine manufactures can also custom design nozzles for specific parts if needed. The unfortunate part is that this will take both time and money. You might want to check the website for panasonic as well. I know some manufacture put up a guide for nozzle ion to certain package types that they have worked on. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have something designed already. This is of course assuming that you've placed the part in the machine and tried to pick it up with your available nozzles and have failed. If you haven't done that yet that is where I would start.

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