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Validating Oven Thermal Profiles

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Validating Oven Thermal Profiles | 14 August, 2008

I have made couple of investigations with our oven. I set-up 5 product profiles and run a thermal profile measurement and record them. Then I set-up one more product profile and rename that as Validation Profile then measured the thermal profile.

After a Month I measured the thermal profile of the Validation Profile and noticed a very very slight change in temperatures +/- 1.0 Deg. C. Then I also measured all my 5 product profiles and it's very similar to my Validation Profile when it comes to temperature variation.

Now, Is it good to shortcut my Thermal Profiling for my products? Instead of measuring all of them every month one by one I just measure my Validation Profile. If changes is not to a certain Degree then I can conclude that all the 5 product profiles are still Valid and Acceptable.

Then I will just re-measure them if there's a major breakdown or parts replacement on my Reflow Oven?

What's your Ideas and Inputs guys?

Thanks in advance

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Validating Oven Thermal Profiles | 15 August, 2008

There was a discussion on this a few weeks back. Basically if you HAVE to do this because you have an older oven that you dont trust or your customers/ISO force you to do it then just do it monthly on the test board only. Doing it on the test board and production assys doesn't do anything for you other than waste time. If you set up a representative profile (all ranges) on the test board there is no reason to test on production profiles. I used to use a metal plate with thermocouples screwed to it and a KIC 2000. Worked great for years.... also never had an out of control reading...EVER.

Just some food for thought

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Validating Oven Thermal Profiles | 15 August, 2008

Ovens, and any other process for that matter, will ALWAYS vary. It's called process variation. I do Cpk (process capability) on my ovens. I track time-above-liquidus and peak temperatures.

Statistics will validate how repeatable your oven is.

If you don't know what this is, here's a Wikipedia article on it:

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Validating Oven Thermal Profiles | 18 August, 2008

Go with the KIC 24/7 system. Does all your monitoring for you and generates your cpk. Only have to run a golden board once it takes care of the rest.

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