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Yellow Visible Dye Penetrant

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Yellow Visible Dye Penetrant | 14 August, 2008

Dear Smtnettter:

Has anyone purchased yellow visible colored dye penetrant for dye and pry testing? Can someone recommend a vendor?

BTW this was recommend to me by an end user in japan as some copper problems are "hidden" by the typical red visible dye penetrant.


Bob Wettermann BEST

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Yellow Visible Dye Penetrant | 16 August, 2008

We are unfamiliar with yellow penetrant. Red is common, as you say. There are couple of green penetrants out there. Some red penetrants contain yeasts [eg, Calcofluor Yellow, Azosol Brilliant Yellow 6GF, etc] that fluorese yellow, but that's not what you seek. Penetrant suppliers are: * Magnaflux [3624 West Lake Ave, Glenview, Illinois 60025 847-657-5300 Fax 5388] * Trikon Technologies 3375 Griffith St, St. Laurent Qc. (Canada) H4T 1W5

* Sherwin 5530 Borwick Ave Southgate, CA 90280 (562) 861-6324 FAX (562) 923-8370

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