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Pick and Place Rivet

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Pick and Place Rivet | 12 August, 2008

I'm attempting to pick and place a small rivet onto our PCB. The rivet should be attached via reflow solder. The rivet will be used to create a sandwich, holding together a frame and additional circuit board in a package. This part is intended only for mechanical purposes. Check out the drawing I've attached to get an idea of the rivet dimensions and application.

My main questions are: 1. Will rivet be easily pick and placed? 2. Will the rivet sit flat on the PCB after reflow or might it float or rock? 3. What sort of Pick and Place machine/nozzle would be best to pick and place this part? 4. How strong will the solder bond be?


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Pick and Place Rivet | 12 August, 2008

That is very interesting... I am curious though, why wasn't a plain blind rivet used? You probably can, but personally, I would be not want a solder joint holding the frame and the pcb... Mechanical stress on solder joints often leads to not good results...

But quite frankly, I am ignorant about the part you are attempting to place, so I have no authority to say if it works or not.

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Pick and Place Rivet | 12 August, 2008

Have you checked out the ReelFast fasteners from PEM? They probably have something that would work.

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Pick and Place Rivet | 13 August, 2008

that's a pretty cool idea, I like some thinking 'outside the box '!

1. I don't think picking it up and placing it will be much of a problem. once the rivet is placed it will be held in place by the paste. However, you would need to make a tray that holds the rivets before they are picked up, making sure they don't fall over when the tray moves.

2. There will allways be paste in between the rivet and the PCB. This may mean that the rivet will not be totally vertical and that the distance between PCB and rivet might not be consistant. It depends on your tolerances.

3. I think most machines will place it (however I only know siemens machines) a simple nozzle that sits on top of the rivet with a vacuum hole in the middle should do fine.

4. How strong is strong? For a solder joint, if you can get the pcb hole plated and do a kind of an intrusive reflow process, it should be strong. However it won't have near the strength of a conventional rivet.

I would have some samples made and try to get as much data on strength and tolerances as possible. good luck!

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Pick and Place Rivet | 13 August, 2008

we tested this kind of part about 3 years ago did a few prototypes I did'nt know how it was going to work but our old amistar picked it and placed it just fine used a small nozzle with a o-ring on the end of it I think it did ok going across the wave but thats not my area we did not go into prodution with this product but it had nothing to do with the standoff

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Pick and Place Rivet | 13 August, 2008

In light of this new information I've received from everybody's comments, I'd like to get more information about pick and place nozzles. How can I learn more? ...

What do the nozzles look like? Are there different shapes? What kind might you recommend for my application? Are custom nozzles sometimes used for custom parts or are the nozzles mostly standardized?

I don't have much experience with pick and place machines (or nozzles) so help from you experts would be greatly appreciated! We are using Panasonic machines (not sure if that matters or not with regards to nozzles). Thanks!

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