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solder paste volume

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solder paste volume | 8 August, 2008

Hi, I'm from a semiconductor package assembly, and currently looking for an offline solder paste inspector capable of true volume measurement. Any recommendation for a machine that can measure paste volume on a leadframe (metal substrate)?

I found the Koh Young machine which seems to be good for volume measurement. However, when i request for trial test of the machine using our product, they asked us for Gerber data to do their programming, which we dont have. Do you know any systems which can easily be programmed and may not require gerber or cad files?

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solder paste volume | 8 August, 2008


solder paste volume | 13 August, 2008

thanks pete, i have requested information from their local rep in our place. However, from the response that i got, the volume data you get in their VM system is a calculated value, not a true volume measurement.

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solder paste volume | 14 August, 2008

Hello Bart I work with the Koh Young systems. Do you have any sort of data even just X Y posistion and pad or appeture size? If you have I can bypass the Gerber requirement. send me an email at


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